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April 7, 2013


FASHION+ART discuss… has been great fun. Since 2010 we’ve met many wonderful people who appreciate the art of fashion, fine interiors and the joy found in mixing the two. While we will continue to sell the prints and note cards of FASHION+ART, our blog will go on hiatus as we focus on our newest endeavor—WINONA, INC., an illustrated series.

Join us on a crazy ride as former Supermodel Winona Warner, now the owner of New York City’s hottest modeling agency, maneuvers the glamorous world of high fashion using her instincts, her experience, and a wild and rowdy past!

WINONA, INC. kicks off on Monday, April 8!

Pile It On!

February 14, 2013

BOWLICIOUSIsn’t the tile work on this fireplace magnificent? It’s intricacies can stand a lot of accessorizing so Sugar, pile it on! Add a rich, dark, wall color, some texture, multiple candlesticks and the piéce de résistance—a stunning piece of art. In this case, go for nothing less than the bodaciousness of BOWLICIOUS—in a showstopping frame—to carry this mantlepiece statement as far as you dare take it.

Is it chilly in your neck of the woods? Welcome to The Gallery. Come on in and get warm.


Sheer Confidence

January 27, 2013



An eclectic eye can bring all sorts of furnishings together and somehow make it work. Stripes and flowers, gold and silver, retro and contemporary. But what really makes it work is confidence and FLOW from our SOLITAIRES Collection has got that in spades.

Opening your eyes to this piece every morning will kick off your day with enough courage and self- assurance to take on whatever task is set before you. Just throw your head back and strut across the classroom, the board room, any room at all. Do it like only you can. Yeah. You’ve got it now. You determine the flow—and which way that flow is going.

The Gallery is open.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

January 9, 2013

blue striped chair

This crisp and clean corner from Tracery Interiors provides the perfect spot for SMOKIN’ LEATHER. That’s all.

Going for the Big Twist

December 12, 2012

white poppies on black doubleSERIOUSLY BRIMMED and SERIOUSLY BRIMMED TOO

Piling on the visuals and making it all work is a challenge. It calls for a discerning eye and the courage to say STOP! Or KEEP IT COMING…one more layer of fabulousness won’t hurt. The trick is finding the common denominator. After that, the rest just falls into place.

We think the SERIOUSLY BRIMMED duo works like a pair of charms in this rich dining space featuring a popping poppy wall covering. The blue-ish gray of the skirts blend like buddah with the silvery frames, stainless steel lighting fixture and metal dining chairs. That, Doll, is the common denominator. We particularly appreciate the bowl of  red apples, picking up the lip color in such a creatively thoughtful way. And we always go for the big twist. Fashion illustrations in the dining room? Some would say no way but we say “of course!”

The Holidays are the perfect time to gift the fashionista on your list with a FASHION+ART print. You can bet your gift will be unique and original. The only one of its’ kind. So stop on by. The Gallery is always open.

Be Beautiful!

November 19, 2012

Isn’t this a scrumptious wall? From Braxton Studio, it has a masculine, bachelor pad kind of feel to it. Which is why some girlishness is clearly called for. So let’s femme it up with SILVER FOXES from The Croquis Collection!

We’re featuring it in a white frame, double-matted in soft grey with a sliver of warm cocoa peeking through. Everything’s blending like butter and it’s oh so mellow. Like sipping a warmed brandy while listening to Diana Krall.


SILVER FOXES showcase original fashions designed by moi. There’s a distinct retro flair but tell the truth…wouldn’t you rock any one of these ensembles today? Right now? And that just goes to show you. Classics never die, baby!

Small Business Saturday is November 24. Why go through the hassle of fighting traffic and unruly crowds to purchase your gifts this season? Do your shopping online and support an independent like FASHION+ART. Last year, over 100 million people shopped at an independently-owned small business. It’s a beautiful thing so be beautiful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, try not to eat too too much, and we’ll see you in The Gallery.

The Perfect Balance

November 5, 2012


I love woods. Light woods. Dark woods. Weathered and worn or slick and highly varnished. And I love to mix them together. Just like this. Now, you could bring more color into this corner. It’s strong enough to take it. But let’s allow the richness of wood to carry the color instead and turn a spotlight on the black and white opulence of TAKING CARE OF BIZNESS. She enhances things quite nicely, don’t you think? All tucked into this peaceful corner from RUE Magazine like she owns it.

When selecting that special spot to display artwork, take every single thing into consideration. You never want the surroundings to overpower your art. Make sure it can hold it’s own against the patterns, fabrics and tchotchkes around it. The art should command it’s fair share of attention wherever in the room you choose to hang it. Otherwise, why bother? There’s simply no point.

A keen eye, delicate touch and unique sense of style makes this little corner very special indeed. Don’t you agree? Finding the perfect blend and balance when displaying precious works of art is one of life’s brightest little challenges. Worry about it, fret over it but by all means, have fun with it.

There’s so much to see in The Gallery. And you know Santa is just starting on his list. So stop on by—


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