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Sweet Sixteen

It really was quite touching. A divorced dad, excited about hosting a Sweet Sixteen birthday dinner for his daughter and 10 of her friends, wanted a cool party favor to commemorate the event. So he turned to eoe | WEAR | ever.


On a budget, he was thinking along the lines of a regular t-shirt. But we all know 16 year olds. If it’s not unique and all-out swaggerlicious it’s going nowhere. So I suggested a sweatshirt instead—with a little cropping and customizing to give it some extra style.


Well, the shirt was a huge hit! His daughter and her friends love the funky cropping. The minimalist graphic style and color selection too. And they love that they can layer it over t-shirts, tank tops, their bathing suits—almost anything!  My customer now wears the crown of “coolest Dad ever”.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen.


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