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Keep Moving FORWARD!

September 28, 2011

When Kalyn Johnson, former lawyer, business entrepreneur and a woman dripping with great verve and panache asked to interview me for her blog POSSESS YOUR STYLE, well, it was beyond flattering. It was a serious, serious WOW moment. Her questions were provocative and there were lots of them.  Just give me a reason to run my mouth—


Kalyn is a real wonder! Author. Lifestyle Guru. Consultant. World Traveler. And then there’s a whole ‘nother side. She’s also the founder and creative force behind EFFIE’S PAPER, a colorful and wonderful stationary and whatnot emporium. With vivid and bold patterns and pairings, Effie’s Paper is like a childhood visit to the candy store. Visually delicious. Check it out ASAP!


October 1 was traditionally a moving day in apartment living. And I’ve moved a lot in my time. Our HOT MELON celebrates that—a change of season and fresh beginnings. Are you starting a brand new venture? Or taking your present to the next phase? Well, HOT MELON is just for you, Sugar. Keep it moving. And in one direction only. FORWARD!

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