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Dazzle ’em!

February 1, 2012

An elegant office space speaks volumes about who you are and what you do. One thing you don’t do is get your hands dirty. Another is fuss with details as mundane as budgets and schedules. That’s what the person sitting at the desk outside is there for, right?

With a ‘more is more’ attitude, layer your levels of sophistication on thick. Opt for an eye-popping wall covering and then top that with CURIOUS from The Digital Collection and TUCKED SUEDE from The Croquis Collection. The operative word here is dazzling! And with an office like this who can ever mistake you as anything less?


Come to The Gallery and select the piece that dazzles YOU! Click the zoom (+) in the corner for an up close and personal view. The difference is in the details, doll.

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