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Self-Expression is Your Right!

July 5, 2012


Does your employer have you staring at a brick wall? A pre-fab cubicle barrier? Or maybe they’ve simply forbidden you to hang any picture hooks at all? Well, you can’t let those little things get in your way. Oh no. The need for self- expression is universal. It’s your God-given right as an individual! So liven up your work space. If you can’t hang your favorite pieces on the wall then lean them against it. Honestly! Eight hours a day is a long time to spend confined to a visual wasteland. Especially for someone like you.

FLOW and SAIL AWAY ONE TWO look totally right here, don’t you think? They soften the brick and work with our slick and contemporary desk and office chair quite beautifully—in that fashion-forward way that we love. When it’s warm outside, light and airy art on the wall keeps the situation correct. Wait. Have we talked about this? Switching out your art pieces to reflect the season? Well, we must do that! Soon.

In the meantime, art that keeps you in a cool and breezy place is just what you need right now. It’s hot outside, babydoll. And The Gallery, as always, is open—

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