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A Big Shot of Boldness

September 10, 2012

The simpler the art, the more elaborate the frame.

That’s my first rule of thumb when it comes to displaying art. And what’s simpler than a pencil sketch? Clean. Unencumbered. Devoid of color. All focus is on the line work and how it curves and flows across the page. But framing a pencil sketch needs a big shot of boldness. Or it gets lost in the room. So frame it ’til it screams. Frame it ’til it shouts! HEY! HEY YOU OVER THERE! Look at me!

STATE IT IN BLACK, BOWLICIOUS and JACKIE are right in their element here. Perched above the delicate Catherine daybed, with a gorgeous backdrop of SAVILLE wallpaper from Graham & Brown, it’s layer upon layer of pure elegance. Click on the image for a closer look. Sometimes a lack of color speaks louder than every shade in the rainbow. Can you picture this trio in your place? I can. How about right over there…?

Keep in mind now, every FASHION+ART print is available not only unframed but at a brand new price. So join us in The Gallery. Enter one of our collections. You’ll see the difference in more ways than one.

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