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The Shameless Hustle

June 30, 2021

When I spotted Trinity and her mom, Travia, at the Adams Park Community Yard Sale last Saturday, I made a big play for them. You see, I had only size Small in the PuffTank t-shirts and Trinity was the first potential customer to arrive who could actually fit one. Both she and her mom really liked the artwork and made the purchase, along with a copy of my book WINONA, INC., and several Summer 2021 greeting cards. Yay! When I handed my beautiful, young customer the bag with her PuffTank, I asked if she would take a picture while wearing it and send it to me. And she did! What a doll, huh? Geez. Remember being this young?

Of course, we’re prepared to order whatever size shirt you need, from S – XL, so shoot me a line, using the email address below, and get it in. We’re waiting…

Our PuffTank is available for $15. The PuffTee is $20.


Ready to order? Here’s how—

We take orders through PAYPAL only.

1. Select your t-shirt and cards and send an email, including the name of the shirt, desired size, and/or name and number of greeting cards to

2. You will receive an invoice created specifically for your order.

3. Once you receive your invoice, you will log onto the PAYPAL website and follow the easy instructions to pay for your order with your credit card. Please include your mailing address. Once your order is complete, it will arrive in 7-14 days. How simple is that?

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