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FASHION + ART 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

November 14, 2021

It seems that I just can’t resist the holiday season. No sooner did I tell my bestie that I wasn’t producing any new products this year, out of nowhere the idea for a brand new line of exclusive holiday greeting cards came to me. But it wasn’t illustration I saw in that moment. It was photography.

Now, I’ve never considered myself a “for real” photographer. But I do take a lot of pictures. And as an art director, I know what makes a pretty shot.

These are a few of my favorite holiday photographs. I hope you like them, too. They make me happy when I see them so—perfect holiday note cards, right? Some even have little stories that I’ve included on the back. You know me. There’s always a story. 😁

A beautiful gift by itself (especially with a little cash or a gift card stuffed inside) or attached as a companion to gift boxes and bags, each card is 4.75 x 4.75-inch square and comes with a beautiful metallic gold envelope and protective cellophane sleeve. It’s that extra something that’ll make your gift feel all the more special!

Holiday Note Cards with Envelopes are 4.00 ea. A full set of six (or any combination) for 20.00. Free shipping. Happy Holidays!

Ready to order your 2021 Holiday Note Cards? Here’s how—

We take orders through PAYPAL only.

1. Select the cards you like, how many, and send an email with your selections to

2. You will receive an invoice created specifically for your order.

3. Once you receive your invoice, you will log onto the PAYPAL website and follow the easy instructions to pay for your order with your credit card. Please include your mailing address. Once your order is complete, it will arrive in 7-14 days. How simple is that?

Final Copies of WINONA, INC. Book 1 Available

I’ve got only a few copies of WINONA, INC. left. And this is the final printing. All focus in 2022 will be on developing WINONA, INC. the animated series with WarnerMedia 150 so this, my divas, is your last chance. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, or you’d like to purchase a few as gifts, hop on over to the WINONA, INC. site to order. SMOOCHES!

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