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Make it an Event!

May 25, 2011

Planning a fun and festive occasion for your crew of devastating divas? Start the ball rolling with a charming throwback—invitation cards received in the mail. But please. A dusty box of fill-in-the-blank cards from the corner drug store is as stale as day-old coffee. Set the tone for a wonderful time by sending a card with a handwritten invitation. (Have we forgotten how? Take a peek at The Party Invitation for a quick refresher.) There’s no better way to show your guests just how special they—and you—truly are.


Are you hosting a bachelorette party? An evening with your theater group? A soiree for your sorority sisters in town for the weekend? A spa day for your overworked staff? Select the perfect collection of FASHION+ART note cards to send and make your event a stand-out. Raise the bar. Be the hostess with the absolute most-est. It’s all in the little details, sugar. And it begins with a fabu invitation.

We’ll see you in the Gallery

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