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A FAB-ulous State of Mind.

August 5, 2011

Mixing fashion and art in a single space is a win-win in my book. Especially when it’s fashion and the art that celebrates fashion. One just naturally works with the other, right? Like Simon and Garfunkle. Dre and Snoop. Lucy and Ethel. Karen and Jack.

Enhancing your boutique, salon or shoppe with art—whether it’s art for sale or merely on display to hide a few cracks in the wall—goes way beyond good business sense. Is there any better way to showcase your well-rounded sense of style? Your worldly sophistication and impeccable good taste for beautiful things? And evoke the same “I’m so FAB-ulous!” state of mind in your customers as well? Hmmmm?

So please. Why settle for being just another store in the mall? Just another hair salon on the block? Take it to the next level and give your space a personality that far exceeds the same old-same old. ‘Nuff said?

The Gallery is open.

20% OFF selected prints until August 7.

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  1. August 6, 2011 8:15 pm

    Great work, Edwina. I am majorly impressed. I really like how you followed an idea and made it into reality. You are a follow-through person. You repurposed your work and made it relevant. It’s inspiring.

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