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Joys of The Mutual Admiration Society

August 12, 2011

Ask anyone and they will tell you…the ultimate in professional satisfaction is when someone you admire admires you back! So when lawyer turned home accessories designer and HGTV contributor Jeanine Hays contacted me about showcasing FASHION+ART on her wonderful blog AphroChic, I was dizzy in the head with delight. Jeanine is getting so much great pub these days! A terrific write-up in the Philadelphia Inquirer. A  glorious spread in Matchbook Magazine. AND she just signed her first book deal! So the idea of HER taking time out to give ME props is the absolute ego-stroke. Can you imagine???

Check it out here but be careful—and prepare to duck! My buttons are bursting all over!

And as always, the FASHION+ART Gallery is open for business. Stop on by. Anytime.

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