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Options Reign Supreme

October 9, 2012

Last time, we talked about having limited wall space. Today let’s talk about the opposite. Having all the wall space in the world. Perhaps you opt for a minimalist look. It’s an admirable choice. But when you go that route you must remember that each piece of furniture, each piece of art, each table accessory must be selected with great care. Every single item makes it’s own statement. And the beauty in today’s world of interior design is the freedom of that statement, no matter the decor.

You would expect just the style of art that’s on display in the image above from Sweden’s Skona Hem magazine. A traditional portrait painting falls safely within the confines of a room featuring delicate antique furnishings. Nana’s sitting room, perhaps? One lump or two in your tea?

But in the second image, we take a different tact with STATE IT IN BLACK from the Pure Fashion Collection. While maintaining the feeling of elegance, we now have a new vibe entirely. A master couturier’s salon—The House of Dior, circa 1960— where the champagne flowed like rain and customers were treated to personal fittings and private fashion shows. In the first image, I hear Chopin and Mozart. But below, Dinah Washington is wailing What a Difference a Day Makes. Change the art, change the mood. It’s so easy. But it packs one heckuva punch!


It works, don’t you agree? But how can you go wrong with a gilded frame and haute couture fashion? It’s THE answer for almost any decor. And now that the prints of FASHION+ART are available unframed, the choice is yours! So join us in The Gallery where your options reign supreme.

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