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Going To The MAT-tresses

October 23, 2012


I’ve always loved the term ‘go to the mattresses’. But it has nothing to do with today’s chitchat. No one’s embroiled in a turf war here. It’s just that I’ll probably never have another chance to use it so…consider it done. Now, to the business at hand—

When it comes to framing precious artworks, MATS are important. And for a number of very good reasons. Not only do they protect your art from prolonged contact with the frame and glass, they also enhance your overall display with additional color and, if you like, texture. A single mat is standard fare and double mats are a step beyond but a TRIPLE mat is the ultimate indulgence. The Godiva chocolates of art framing.

You can pick up your mat colors from color within the art. Add texture with boards that are heavily stamped or woven. Go all out with boards wrapped in silk, satin or linen. Or add additional strips of wood between the boards for a truly luxurious touch. Make it as simple or as intricate as the art allows.

My favorite place to frame newly purchased art and prints is The Great Frame Up. With locations across the country, consider yourself blessed if there’s one near you. Framing your art yourself is a wonderful hands-on experience. Unfortunately that option isn’t available at every location. But you can still spend hours with the crew selecting mat colors and frame styles. There are 100’s to choose from. 1000’s of combinations. So be prepared for a gloriously long day. There’s so much to look at and so many ways to go.

Purchase a FASHION+ART print, grab a tasteful and trusted friend and make a day of it. Share the experience of art! That’s what friends are for.

See you in The Gallery.

entryway image from the lovely ladies at Interior Philosophy in Atlanta, GA.

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