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August 1, 2022

Remember the JIGGY PUZZLE contest I entered last year? I submitted HEATWAVE and made it all the way to the finals—with the help of many of you who voted for her. And although we didn’t make the top six selected to become part of their 2022 product line, something told me it wasn’t the last I’d heard from them.

Well guess what? There’s another line. The JIGGY PUZZLE CLUB! And they’ve licensed HEATWAVE as their puzzle of the month for AUGUST 2022! Let me tell you, I couldn’t be more pleased. JIGGY PUZZLES is a female-founded company with a varied and diverse line of high-quality jigsaw puzzles featuring artists from around the world. I really like being a part of that.

I’m a sucker for packaging so you know I’m digging this cute little box, the cool bag, and the poster too. There’s even a tube of glue, just in case you might want to make it permanent. I have a friend who decorates her garage with finished jigsaw puzzles. It’s really a thing!

HEATWAVE is available ONLY DURING THE MONTH OF AUGUST on JIGGY’s website so follow the link here and see just what the JIGGY PUZZLE CLUB is all about! Happy puzzling!

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